Friday, May 29, 2009

Duke Conference Report

If you read Steve Coll's New Yorker piece, A Nonprofit Times?, you've got some feeling for the buzz of the Duke Nonprofit Media Conference earlier this month. Now, there's a full report on the conferees' discussions and the progress they made.

The title of the report, The Road Ahead for Media Hybrids, says a lot about where the nonprofit journalism movement likely is headed. There won't be bright lines. Instead, nonprofit and for-profit entities will interact and support each other in ways large and small.

The report identifies four nonprofit models that are emerging:

* Media organizations run as nonprofits, providing "media inputs"
* Low- profit limited liability corporations (L3Cs)
* For-profit media firms with affiliated nonprofit investigative funds
* For-profit media firms with subsidized content

The conferees also addressed the need for the nonprofit sector within journalism to scale up. Among the topics: establishment of a donor collaborative; university-based resources that could be shared across states; and a clearinghouse to vet foundation investments in nonprofit media

Definitely worth a read.

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