Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pocantico Declaration

Another big step in the process of scaling up: After meeting for the past three days at the Rockefeller Foundation's Pocantico Conference Center, about three dozen editors and publishers of nonprofit news organizations today issued a declaration of their intent to build a first-ever Investigative News Network.

I'll let the Pocantico Declaration speak for itself, but the upshot is that there is a lot of room for collaboration among journalism nonprofits - everything from sharing news and information to combining back office functions such as benefits. There's even a mention of doing joint fundraising. It's an ambitious agenda.

The next big goal is to create a new, nonprofit corporation to coordinate this work. Until then, the Center for Public Integrity will act as the network's agent.

For more on the conference, David Westphal has a post on his site at USC-Annenberg. Hashtag for Twitter is #inewsnet.

(Hat tip to Andrew Donohue at for his Twitter tip on this.)

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