Monday, August 16, 2010

NPR's Folkenflik on Texas Tribune

NPR's David Folkenflik checked in on the progress of Texas Tribune in a profile that was aired on Weekend Edition yesterday.

The transcript doesn't quite capture the full experience -- including David's attempt to make the pop-up thought-bubble noise from the Trib's "Stump Interrupted" feature -- but it's a quicker read if you're in a hurry.

Some of the most interesting comments come from the editors of newspapers that now are partnering with Texas Tribune.

"We are picking up their stories and publishing them in the print newspaper because it gives us another well of political content," says Christopher Lopez of the El Paso Times.

Not long ago, no self-respecting newspaper editor would publish statehouse coverage from what would appear to be a competitor. Now, it's standard operating procedure.

My, how attitudes have changed.

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