Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Creative Commons Licensing

In this space, I try to highlight ideas and resources that might be of benefit to people trying to pursue nonprofit journalism. Reading Dick Tofel's post from Saturday about the Associated Press' decision to distribute the work of ProPublica, I was reminded of one of those resources - an outfit known as Creative Commons.

The organization, a nonprofit, offers content creators (including nonprofit news organizations) off-the-shelf licensing agreements that allow them to give away their work, but do so under their terms - such as a requiring attribution and prohibiting "derivative" works. These kinds of agreements help build brands and show funders that the journalism is creating impact.

For more info, check out the video on their "about" page - the third one on the page, next to the header, "Our other legal tools and resources." It's about three minutes long, and is fairly compelling.

CC's motto: "Saving the world from failed sharing."

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