Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun and More in San Diego

I checked in with Andrew Donohue of to see how last night's event went. One of the goals was to build relationships with readers - a key to the success of the nonprofit model.

Rather than ramble on, I'll relay Andrew's email, which I think captures the essence of the nonprofit model and its potential as a platform for socially responsible journalism:

The event was great. We've done a number recently -- a forum on local economics, a post-election analysis panel, an open-house and a little gathering at a wine bar.

I'm not sure on final attendance numbers, but we had more than 100 people RSVP.

These events are crucial to what we're attempting to become. We're not just a website and no where in our mission does it say we're a website. So far, that's just been the primary portal for our information.

We see ourselves as membership-driven organization that not only provides news and investigations, but convenes the community together, gets them thinking and talking about ways to make San Diego better, and leads them to collective action.

Oftentimes when our donors talk about VOSD, they use "we." It's that sense of ownership that embodies the loyalty we seek and need. Events like last night's are key to both building that ownership and fulfilling our desire to get our members together, talking, in the same room.

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