Monday, June 15, 2009

ProPublica's Plan for Sustainability

This just in from Dick Tofel in response to a question regarding exactly how ProPublica would invest the $1 million grant it will get from the Knight Foundation:
We’re going to use the grant to launch a broad effort at development. We’ll almost certainly begin by conducting a study, using a leading fundraising consulting firm. Will be guided by the results of that.

Along the way, I’m sure we’ll need to bring on a development director, but want to more about where we’re aiming so we can know just what skill set and experience is optimal for that.

And Knight has put its money where its money is as well, adding an important element of general support to the project funding for development.

Sorry not to be able to be more specific, but if we had all the answers already, we wouldn’t need to do this work.

The grant also marks a big step for ProPublica in that it is the first seven-digit grant from anyone other than the Sandler Foundation, which put up $30 million to launch the organization in 2007.

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